March 6, 2015

White Denim at a great price!

Happy Friday friends!  Anyone else getting a little tired of this crazy March weather?  Warm and sunny one day, cold and snowy the next.  I've stopped counting the canceled school days.  Thank goodness for lattes at home!

Today I wanted to show you another way you could achieve a pretty and simple white + grey look. Check out the other post here.  It's perfect for daytime, date night, or lunch with friends.  I'm all about versatile pieces!

 White Jeans || Blouse (violet ice) || Scarf || Booties (similar)

These jeans fit great!  I found them at Nordstrom in the denim under $100 section.  No surprise there because they always have the best stuff in my price range.  White denim is a year round look for me and I want a pair that will hold up and make my legs look good.  But let's be perfectly honest, they're white pants and I have a three year old and a four year old.  I really don't want to spend more than $60 on something like this.  These pants are true to size for those of you who are wondering.  They also come in really pretty pale pink and lavender versions (and pale rose) that I'm really tempted to order.  For $54 it would be worth it to have another pair going into Spring.

Y'all know I love this scarf.  I've been wearing it all all the time.  It has a soft feel and looks like linen and I can't believe it's only $12.  Bam.  And I have to tell you about this blouse.  It is just the best fit and has such a great price as well ($38).  It's pretty generous in the front and has a longer back to hide your bum.  I love that.  It comes in lots of pretty colors and I had a hard time narrowing it down to just one. 

 I also wanted to share this pretty blue paisley scarf as well.  I love the way an inexpensive scarf can really change up the whole look!  You might say I have a bit of a scarf obsession but honestly I wear them almost daily for months out of the year and it's such a good way to make a few tops stretch into a giant wardrobe.

You can also see more of my picks for inexpensive denim plus classic chic day time looks here and here.

Check out more ways to get this look here:


This post was sponsored by Nordstrom.  As always, all outfit selections and opinions are all my own.

March 5, 2015

Teil Duncan Art Print

It was in the mid 60's here yesterday so the snow all completely melted from our yard over night.  Today the low is 9 degrees with snow in the forecast.  So they canceled school.  Again.  Poor Tagg only goes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings so this is major.  He had some health issues in January and then I swear his school was closed for the weather every Thursday since then.  And next week is Spring Break.  Awesome.  Way to get him into a routine.

Despite this all this I am still in a major good mood this morning.  One, I just discovered Gevalia Cappuccino pods for the keurig.  Life changing I tell you.  It tastes exactly the same as my skinny vanilla cappuccino from Starbucks.  Only it's happening in my kitchen as we speak.  I've also seen Caramel Machiatto, Vanilla Latte, and Mocha Lattes in the same Gevalia brand.  I found them at our local Kroger and Food Lion but I'm sure they're available everywhere.

And two,  I am so excited about my new Teil Duncan art print that my awesome sister snagged for me yesterday!  I can't even believe it!  I've been a major fan of her work for a few years now and am just so happy to have a piece in my home.  Even if it's just a print.  Which good luck trying to buy an original, those things fly off the shelf like a discounted tv at walmart on black friday.

Of course, it's going to need a home so it got me scheming.  The print itself is 18x24 so once you add a frame it's a pretty large piece.  I feel like it's going to live above my white sofa in the family room.  Up until now, this room has been very monochromatic with lots of of whites, creams, browns, beige, and grey.  This will be a giant splash of color so we'll have to see how that goes.  I've already redesigned my family room around it, of course, and I thought you might like to take a look.

I love.  I just know it will be equally fabulous in person.  The print is called "Coastal Dreams" and would also look killer in my living room/dining room so no guarantees their won't be some #msa going around once she arrives.  I'm already picturing how lovely it would look above the buffet.  ha!

March 4, 2015

Loving Lately

 I found the most lovely fabrics lately and wanted to share them with you!  No matter how much I love color and can fall in love in with a bold fabric in person, I always come back to more muted tones.  The following fabrics are a real marriage of that love of color but need for a softer visual.

 Mol in Duckegg from Calico Corners  |  Betwixt in Stone from Schumacher 1889

If you're local to Richmond, I know that Williams and Sherrill carries Schumacher and I'm going to find out if they have any samples of the Veere Grenney line in the store or if they can order samples.  I'll keep you posted!

The shopbop big sale is live and includes your w  hole order!  Be sure to use code: BIGEVENT15 at checkout.  It's a good time to stock up on some favorites like these gigi sandals, tory flats, or my favorite designer jeans.

Here are a few of my favorite things!  These dresses are so pretty! I can't even stand it.  It's going to be really hard not to order them.  I'm going to need to sit on my hands today.

Jayne Silk Dress || Rachel Pally Spaghetti Wrap Dress || Parker Miles Dress || Eleven Paris Basic Dress || Rag&Bone The Skinny in Kensington || Caroline Patent Flats || Derek Lam 10 Crosby Shorts

Spend $250+ Save 15%
Spend $500+ Save 20%
Spend $1000+ Save 25%


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March 3, 2015

Laundry Room Reveal

I am seriously so excited about our laundry room makeover!  I wanted a light, bright, and cheerful space that also needed to function.  My husband has been working tirelessly on this space and I'm so happy to say we're finished!

The room feels twice as large and has at least twice the amount of storage now.  Our laundry room is right off the little hallway connecting our kitchen to the family room and I'm just thrilled to no longer be embarrassed to keep the door open.

We added in two double towel rods to use a drying racks.  These are so pretty and really useful.  A lot of our clothes don't go in the dryer so this was a must for me.  And because their is also an exit to our backyard and driveway, I wanted to make sure we had a good storage bench.  I hide boots and snow clothes inside right now but will switch to our pool stuff come summer.  I love that I was able to add in some functional seating.  That giant basket is right by the back door and perfect for holding boots or flip flops.  We don't wear shoes in the house so I never really think to store them upstairs.

The triple laundry sorter is another no-brainier.  What a game changer!  One is for my husband, one for the kids, and one for me.  I like to keep our laundry separate so previously I just had three big laundry baskets piled on the floor in here at all times which was an eye sore and took up all the floor space. This system is so much better!

The first thing we did was to clean and paint the walls (Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore).  Next, Matthew removed the cabinets and rehung them.  They were crooked and needed to be raised.  He created a soffit above them and trimmed out the sides by ripping scrap lumber to create a more built-in look. When he raised the cabinets, it also left enough room to add in a long shelf across the whole top of the laundry nook.

The shelf was super easy to build, he just used a 1"x12"x12' for the sides and the top and came back and trimmed it out with half-round.  He painted it gray to match the walls so that it would blend in and appear to just be floating on the wall.

It's the perfect ledge for our laundry soap and stain remover and a few other things to I want more accessible.  It's also a good spot to add in some pretty!  I popped in some calendar prints into those two black frames which I love for now but I have a feeling that I'll be changing those up pretty regularly!

 And because it's always fun to see where we started I'm sharing our before shots below.  Take a look at this hot mess of room.  After we moved in we popped in the washer and dryer and a giant metal rack along the back wall.  That was it.  It has been the worst room for the past year and a half.

And one last shot of the after, get ready to oooh and ahhh with me now!  I'm just so incredibly happy with the outcome!  It's so much better, it almost makes me want to do laundry.

Also, I'll also be sharing more on the faux roman shades I made later this week!  It was so easy. 


I would like to give a special thank you to Wayfair for providing me with a few of the products we used in our laundry room makeover.

March 2, 2015

How to Wear Winter White | White + Gray

Well, it's Monday and it's March.  Such a trickster month.  It sneaks up on me every year.  March pretends to be a part of Spring yet the cold gray air and snow fall remind us all that we are clearly still stuck in winter.  I'm pretty sure our "Spring Break" the week after next will most likely be full of snow.  But it's also my anniversary month and one step closer to warmer weather!

Enough about the weather!  I've got a great daytime outfit idea for y'all today that will keep you nice and warm right now but transitions perfectly as we head into Spring!  Y'all know I love a good neutral so it's no surprise to see the gray, white, and beige color palette.  I just love how well it works with pale skin. 

Let's start with this scarf.  Because it's awesome, and it's $12.  Yes, you read that right.  You're welcome!  I went into Nordstrom the other day to pick up a blouse I ordered and immediately spotted it in the juniors section.  It's an infinity scarf so no need to tie it fancy, just loop it around and throw it on.  Done.  It comes in three colors and as soon as I got home I regretted just buying it in beige.  I pretty much always shop online and then just select the pick up in store option so I can just walk in and walk right back out.  I rarely run errands without the kids so that's just a great tactic for me.  So, I may have already ordered the light blue while I was typing up this post.  Oops. 

I also need to tell you how great this tank is for anyone looking to upgrade from a basic ribbed style.  I'm wearing the light ash color, fyi.  It's really thick and holds well on it's own for a nice smooth look.  I forgot to get a picture of it without the scarf but it's got a scoop neck that's both flattering and modest.  Let's be honest, no one needs anything spilling out on the top or the sides.  It's from the same line, Nic + Zoe, as the pretty keyhole blouse I bought a few weeks ago.  See how I styled that here.  The whole line is very work appropriate which I need but you can see how it works in a casual way too.

Get the look here:


This post was sponsored in collaboration with Nordstrom.  All outfit selections and statements are all my own opinion.

March 1, 2015


My all-time favorite tote bag, Hayden Reis, is on sale through tomorrow and I thought you might want to know about it!  Just use code NEWSITE for 20% off sitewide!  And all orders over $200 ship free all the time!

I actually started off with the ditty which is perfect as a diaper bag or for a trip to the playground.  I fell in love with pockets lining the inside and the fact that I could literally hose it off.  I upgraded to the middy to use as a weekend bag.  I also use it for the pool and beach.  I pretty much find myself going to this tote at least once a week, if not more.  I also love that it zips closed.

It's been so perfect I got a second one so each of the kids can have one when needed.  I got him a middy from the woods and water collection designed just for the boys.  Love that!

The smaller size has now become Tagg's nebulizer/meds bag.  All those pockets are perfect for storing his eczema creams and oral meds for both traveling around the house and going places.

Remeber, be sure to use code: NEWSITE at checkout!

February 28, 2015

Feminine Winter White Outfit

Happy Saturday friends!  Anyone have any big plans this weekend?  Matthew and I are going out for our first date night tonight in what feels like ages.  I can't decide if I want to get really dressed up and go somewhere fancy or keep it low key and grab some pizza and a beer.  Honestly, just having a few hours alone with him and out of our house will be amazing enough!

I'm loving this soft look for Winter!  All those soft shades of blush offer such a nice feminine look without being too over the top girly.  I just love it!


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February 27, 2015

Chairs for my Kitchen Table

I realized that I've chatted a little bit recently on instagram about our kitchen table situation but never properly shared an up date on the blog as well.  We've been lacking an area to eat in our kitchen since we moved in over a year and a half ago.  It was driving me crazy.  I don't mind eating in the dining room but it's not realistic for every single bite of food.  I realized a lack of sit down in the kitchen was just bringing an lot of unnecessary mess of all kinds into our family room.  A kitchen table not only gives a place for eating, it's also a perfect surface for crafts or board games.

Yesterday I snapped a quick picture of the current table and chairs to give you an idea of what we're working with now.  Excuse the leftover snacks, but that's real life right.  In fact, I'd say 90% of the reason I show less of my house on here than I'd like to do is because of the perpetual mess my little people create during all daylight hours!  Nothing like an authentic un-styled photo though.  I wish I could see more.

When we scored our new dining room table our old one (that you see pictured above) immediately got moved to the garage.  We just assumed that it would be too big in to ever work in the kitchen.  One night, right before Christmas, we just decided to give it a try.  It was the perfect size!  As for the chairs, they're totally working for now but they present one major problem.  Those clothes seats just aren't working with a three and four year old.  I'm also not loving the mismatched chair look but I wanted to get a real feel for how wooden chairs looked with the table versus the white chairs.  I'm always so quick to pick white over wood tones but I kind of like how they add so much warmth in our white kitchen.

I've rounded up some of my favorites for you below!   So many fun ones to chose from and they're all at pretty decent price points.


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February 26, 2015

Snow Day Style

Okay so we've got another snow day here in Richmond.   I'm not sure exactly how I feel about that yet.  I literally get six hours a week sans kids, most of which is spent working so I really miss that crunch time when the kids are home.  I'm trying to stay on the positive side and focus on the sledding with friends that will begin here soon.  Lots of children in our neighborhood mean lots of fun memories on days like today.  Thankfully mine enjoy a good movie and staying warm inside so I'll be able to convince them to come inside and warm up on the sofa!  What are your favorite parts of a snowday?  I've rounded up my favorite snow day look for you!  Nothing like focusing on cute new clothes and good sales while looking at the winter wonderland outside!

Shop the look here: 

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February 25, 2015

Meal Planning Made Simple Week 22

As I was rounding up my meal selections for this week I started to notice a pattern of Salads on Monday moving towards heartier meal mid-week and back down to something more appetizer-inspired like fancy pizza on Fridays.  I can't say we strictly follow this every week but I do notice a pattern.

Are any of you meal planning?  Do you have certain nights that you find yourself cooking heavier or lighter?  I feel like we tend to eat out more on the weekends and try to reign things back in at the beginning of the week. 

February 24, 2015

Laundry Room Design Plan

Yesterday I showed you some laundry room inspiration pictures that were both pretty and functional.  I'm pretty freaking excited to have a space in my home that's awesome as well.  You can see what we're working with here in the before pictures.

While my husband was still cleaning and I priming the walls I immediately hopped on the computer and created a dream makeover for the space.  At first we really wanted to go with dark walls but ultimately decided light and bright was the way to go.  Surprise, surprise.  The end result isn't going to look exactly like this but it's so helpful for me to see a 3-d visual.

I'm in looooooove.  I have way too much fun creating room make-overs in photoshop.  You can see in the pictures below that I actually strayed from that blue and white fabric in favor of something in the gray family.  My mom picked up that gorgeous snow leopard fabric (it's a Williamsburg Historical fabric) for me over a year ago and it has been sitting in a closet just waiting for the right place to be used.  Once we painted the walls Classic Gray, I just knew this was the spot for it.  I paired with a soft pinky-lilac so keep it from being too cold.

After I changed direction with the window treatment I went back and created a mood board for the space with a few adjustments.  The colors in the art need to be different.  A few more black elements needed to be brought in.  But I think the same overall feel is the same as my original plan which I'm happy about.

My sweet husband is finishing up some of the painting and construction type tasks while I get the second window treatment up and continue some zhushing and organizing.  I cannot wait for that amazing new storage bench and those pretty towel racks to be delivered.  This weekend is go time and I'm hoping to have a real before and after reveal for you by next Monday!

February 23, 2015

Laundry Room Inspiration

Welcome to a fresh new week friends!  I tell you what, I've had about all the lazy snugly days I can handle for awhile and I'm really thankful that we are back to our normal routine today.  I'm a homebody by nature but even I've had enough.

Can you tell by the title of this post and all the pretty laundry room inspiration pictures that we have just started to freshen up our laundry room? After living with a really blah and non-functional space for the past year and a half I've realized that it's time to bite the bullet and make it a pleasant and useful space.  Our laundry room is off the kitchen and has an exit to the outside so it potentially could be transformed into a mudroom as well one day.  Currently it's got the same dingy walls we inherited (can you believe this is the one room we never painted when we moved in?  And we clean our clothes in there.)  We also shoved a giant metal shelving rack in their to help with storage but all it left us with was a big hot mess of a room that didn't really serve any good function.  It became a dumping ground.  You know, that room where you close the doors when some one stops by.  It's time to change all that.

 There is really only but so much you can do with a laundry room because it's probably one of the few spaces in your house where function over form just has to happen whether you like it or not.  And who wants to blow your budget on and over accessorize a room that really just needs to be useful.  I love how each of these rooms isn't pretending to be something it's not yet they are all so lovely.  They make that daily chore just a bit more tolerable.

I'm really excited to whip ours into shape this week!

February 20, 2015


 Happy Friday everyone!  How is your week going?  We've been home all week playing in the snow and despite the cold and a little cabin fever I'm starting to really get into it.  It helps that it's been super sunny and the blanket of snow is reflecting crazy amounts of light into our house.  There is nothing better than a warm home flooded with light. 

I know some of y'all have gotten a tundra in the past few weeks but we don't get that much here.  It snowed once a few weeks ago but melted by afternoon.  This is the first time that it's snowed enough with really cold temps to stick around for more than a few days.  We've been sledding and building snow people like crazy.  My first attempt at a snowman was such a blob.  Second attempt proved much better now that I have my technique down!  Our neighborhood is really hilly which is hard on littles learning to ride bikes but perfect for sledding.  It's been so much fun for our kids to get together with friends and sled and play until their toes are numb.

I think this weekend we'll be hunkering down again and trying to stay warm with some record lows in the forecast.  Time to bring on the bailey's and hot chocolate!

I can't also can't stop thinking about the updates to this house.  I love every single thing this husband and wife team create.  I'm not patient enough to wait for the final reveal.

The Kayce Hughes sale is so good.  I really want to order pretty much one of everything for Wells, this nightshirt for myself, and this preciousness for Tagg.

Have you snagged these $33 pants yet?  Make sure you size down in this brand.

I also am having to literally sit on my hands this morning not to order this jacket.  It's beautiful and would be so warm on this crazy cold morning.  I don't have any sporty coats that cover my behind and I'm thinking all the different ways I could hid leggings and t-shirts under this coat for school drop off! And it's on sale plus an extra 20% off with code: SHOPPINGTIME

In reality I'll be putting this coat on this morning instead.  It's incredibly warm and in such a trusted brand.  I just need to find the longer version I guess.

February 19, 2015

Casual Winter Look

I found the cutest top last week!  Y'all know I stick to a pretty basic uniform so it's really not that surprising that it's a white top that I've paired with some basic neutrals.  But it's got a cute little key-hole detail and both work and mom-age appropriate plus it looks equally good with black work pants as it does with jeans!  Casual, work, and dressy.  I'm sold.  For someone with a slightly large bust for my frame I also love anything that doesn't look matronly while keeping me covered up.  Can you relate?

It's from the Nic + Zoe line at Nordstrom which was new to me.  I like how everything is just that side of appropriate so you can wear it to work or Church without being frumpy.  I've learned that I just want to look effortless and pretty and don't need every outfit I wear to be cutting edge.

The top is thick enough to be worn on it's own although I don't recommend it in crazy cold wintery conditions, I just bared it all to show you the lines!  But in reality I think the material is soft and thin so it looks really good under layers as well.

Nic + Zoe Keyhole top || Jeans || Similar Open Front Cardigan || Similar Leopard loafers || Waxed Jacket

 Lots of really pretty stuff in the Nic + Zoe line.  Perfect for those occasions when you need to be a little more conservative.  I've rounded up my favorites for you!


*this post was brought to you in collaboration with Nordstrom.  All opinions and outfit selections are all my own.