October 20, 2014

Photo Book Brainstorming

My kids don't smile and look at the camera any more than yours do, I just take more pictures anyway.  And sometimes the out takes are my favorite part.

I've been slowly trying to organize the excessive number of pictures I have of the babes.  I am absolutely making it my goal for 2014 to get at least one family photo book finished and ordered. 

There are so many choices on the market and I'm sure that many do a wonderful finished product.  I want to do a hardback book with lots of layout freedom.  Something a little more custom than you find at the big box stores.  I also one to be able to add in text and overlays. 

And then there are the 100's of instagram photos like the one above that my cousin took of us at a family party over the weekend.  Some of them make the cut to be framed but many don't and they need to be directed somewhere besides my phone.  I know there are many companies that will print straight from your feed.  Have you done this before?

Have you turned your pictures into a photo book before?  Which company did you use?  Any insight would appreciated.