January 27, 2015

Life Lately | On Asthma and Food Allergies

First of all, I just want to say thank you so much for all of you who left comments, sent texts, or wrote emails checking on me and Tagg.  He is doing so much better!  Like two nights in a row of silent sleep better!  For those of you who are just now logging on, let me get you caught up.  Tagg started coming down with a little virus early last week that led into a full blown asthma attack.   It took an afternoon at the pediatrician followed by a three day stint in hospital to finally get his breathing under control.  We're still on daily nebulizer treatments at home but only twice a day.

This is where I've had to go back and change the title of this post from Winter Whites to Life Lately.  I just couldn't keep on with my regular blogging when there is something so big weighing down my thoughts.  I need this post.

So, asthma.  I'd be lying if I said this didn't sink my heart.  I'd be so completely full of shit right now if I skipped over the heaviness I'm carrying in favor of some lighthearted good positive spin.  I've been waiting to do an update on his surgery from this summer, on his food allergies, and his sleeplessness because I wanted to come on here and be the poster mom for positivity.  The shining beacon of how not to let if affect your life.  Full of recipes and advice.  But the thing is, that's not me and that is probably the hardest part.  I'm used to rolling with the punches and researching until I'm certain and feeling prepared, if not in control.  I'm having a hard time being Pollyanna when I feel unequipped to keep my child alive.  Oxygen levels and wheezing and monitoring and assessing the situation are frightening to me.  Is it an anaphylaxis allergy crisis or a serious asthma situation?  This feels like one more weight on my heart.

There are a million ways that this does and will affect my son more than it will ever touch me and that leaves me feeling even more down.  I feel like I'm failing at keeping him safe.  I realize in the scheme of things that his medical issues barely touch the surface of tragedy or concern.  I am so aware of all the ways that disease can ravage childhood and I am so truly thankful that we've escaped that path.  I don't want anyone reading this to think that I place food allergies and asthma above life-threatening long term illness or disability. 

But still, every single day I worry for him.  Each night I pray that the cough won't come or that I will know what to do at 3am if it does.  I worry for his safety and my ability to navigate his world.  I worry that the foods we buy are accidentally contaminated (have you seen the cumin disaster?  Try eliminating anything with "spice" or "cumin" on a box top in case of trace peanuts).  I worry that someone on the playground or the little kid shopping cart before us ate a peanut butter sandwich that could send him into respiratory distress.  I worry that every cough will send us to the ER.  The constant anxiety which I have suffered for the past six months has been crippling.  He coughs, a lot.  I hold my breath (ironic, right) and lose my appetite with every one.

This is where the hopeful part of this post comes in.  Hello, I'm not a total debbie downer.  I've been sitting on this asthma diagnosis for a full week.  A sleepless, scary, anxiety filled seven days.  But even just sitting down to write thins morning is helping.  I can literally feel my thoughts starting to organize in front of me.  Anyone who feels a deep underlying need to write knows what I mean here.  I'm hearing the quiet in my head and in my house.  After just a few days on a new maintenance  drug the coughing has subsided.  He's down to two breathing treatments a day and I've noticed that the coughing is only right before treatments start.  And we've had silent nights.  I can't even explain to you what a gift it is to sleep through the night.  Of course, I've been up some out of habit.  But my sweet sweet boy is getting the much needed rest his body has craved forever.  Literally.

I'm so hopeful that this new medicine works wonders on his cough and wheezing and reduces his anxiety as well as mine.  Poor baby is so aware now and it terrifies him each time his chest tightens.  He was so sweet giving Hmm a treatment with him the other morning.  He told me that He was brave but Hmm was not so she would need lots of love.  Child Psychology 101 over here. 

I know this post wasn't exactly my most well thought out or worded the best but I felt like it was something I needed to talk about before going forward so thank you for letting me be me here.  I'm so grateful to have this space here to talk about whatever I need to say.

January 20, 2015

Navy Walls + Navy Built-ins + Progress in the Den

Ever since we painted the den hale navy I have been itching to paint the trim too.  I've always loved the luxurious and sophisticated feel of an all dark room.  When Matthew started working on the built-ins last week we both knew for sure that not only would the bookshelves and cabinets be glossed over in navy, but the trim and molding in the entire room would be as well.

I mean this is pretty crazy for a couple of self-proclaimed color phobes.  I have to say though that there is something equally peaceful about a room enveloped in head to warm color.  Especially since the rest of our house is so light.  We're using Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore for everything.  It's truly the most perfect navy and can lend itself to so many styles depending on what you pair with it.

The only question now is what to do about the ceiling.  Do we leave it crisp white or go for a more subtle shade of pale blue to create less contrast?  My vote is light blue.  I think it would read pretty white, barely a whisper of color but just enough to soften the eye. 

What do you think?  Would you go this bold in your own house?  I feel like everyone should have one room that makes a statement like this.  The navy lends itself to the softer shades of blue scattered throughout our house so while making a giant statement it also doesn't feel out of place.

I wish Matthew could just take off the rest of this week to finish them up but you'll just have to be as patient as I am for finished results.  We're also planning on adding in french doors to the opening from the front hall and a small single glass door in the opening leading to the kitchen.  That will truly create a cozy and inviting room while still allowing light to pass through.  Can't wait to see the progress unfold in here!

You can also keep up with our adventures on instagram

January 13, 2015

Wood Chest | To Paint or Not to Paint

I posted a little vignette from my living room the other day on instagram with a question about chalk paint.  I assumed I'd get a few color suggestions that would help give me the motivation to pick up a paint brush.  Boy did I underestimate things.  I did get lots of great suggestions and two or three different paint choices.  But I was blown away by just how many of y'all told me to quit being crazy and put the paint brush down. 

I have several really nice family pieces in our home that are still in their original wood condition that I would never dream of painting.  I like both the look of dark wood mixed in with our light and airy aesthetic and I love preserving the heritage of those pieces that will one day belong to my children.  But this piece is different, right?  It was a $20 craigslist find, doesn't that mean it's probably crap? On the other hand, the origin of how this piece of furniture came to live in our house seems to be a silly reason to either paint it or not.

The thing is, everybody is right here so I'm not pulling favorites.  In fact, one of my absolute favortie thing about blogging is that I get access to a roundtable discussion to bounce my ideas off of.  I'm going to pause and really think this through.  Big surprise there, right.  Both sides of the argument are so right!  It is a lovely piece just the way it is now.  It's has a fine rich wood tone and pretty detailing.  But I can also picture it being beautiful painted in a soft greige color reminiscent of my favorite french Louis style.

If I paint, it wouldn't be in a distressed style.  I'm not after a shabby chic farmhouse look but rather something a little bit more formal.  But it wouldn't be a modern high gloss finish either.  This painted four drawer dresser is exactly what I'm thinking.

It's not like this is going to come down to a vote because ultimately this is our home and we'll do what we want in the end.  But I really do love hearing your opinions on this matter.  I'd like your thoughts on this piece specifically as well as painted furniture in general.  Do you like it?  Have you tried it yourself or bought a professionally painted piece?  Overall I love it, in small doses.  I personally wouldn't want a house where all of the furniture is painted but rather a piece or two mixed in for some flavor.

January 12, 2015

Pretty in Pink Girl's Room Design

Last week my sister's best friend sent me the link to some pretty heart bedding and asked me to build a room design around it for her little girl.  So fun!  I realized after getting started that I've been doing nothing but little boy rooms or living spaces for at least a year and a half now.  Wells' pink bedroom is my most favorite room of all and you can see I incorporated a few things from her space into this design as well.  Her room is perfect so I never bothered to explore a different version of a little girl's dream space. 

I'm not sure if she's going to like the direction I've gone in or if she'll want to change it all up but I thought this pretty board was way too lovely not to share with all of you as well.  I can see this working for a really tiny baby girl just leaving her crib or a young lady well into elementary or middle school.  I'm such a fan of rooms that grow.  No sense investing in pieces that will only last a year or two.  Says the woman who had to buy two cribs in two years only to need none two years later.  Anything I buy for my kids or recommend to another better get a few more years of use.

pink dotted roman shade || capiz chandelier || Erin Gregory signs of summer art piece || stop and smell the roses framed print || calligraphy art || tufted bed || Heart Quilt || Sheets || color block sham || shimmer stripe basket || pink wall color || striped rug || pink and white pouf || Bulletin Board || Oh My Darlin wall hanging || red chair || small campaign desk / full size campaign desk || flower lamp base || lamp shade || felt garland

There are actually a few fun DIY projects you could tackle from this board.  Like making the wall hanging or the colorful garland.  And the obvious, painting an old yard sale chair.  I wish I had more time to try more crafty projects lately.  It seems like the days get away from me lately and then it's dark.

I love the idea of mixing in some real art (prints) with a child's own creations.  It looks nice and creates some cohesiveness with color.  Also, why shouldn't children be influenced by true artists?  And it gives a strong validity to their own creations to be mixed in with real artists works!


Shop the look here:


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January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  We survived our first week back to school and my first few days back at work.  It was awesome.  When we started doing some renovations downstairs I moved our computer up to the guest room and I'm loving having it tucked away.  I feel more productive when I actually set aside time to work and I feel less connected during the day when I want to be fully present with my family.

I've got lots of pretties here for you today!  10 of my favorite things of the week, to be exact.

1.  Mini-Foldover Cross Body.
I love when I get to categorize my lust items as both a want as well as a need.  I'm currently on the hunt for a small convertible cross-over bag that I can carry my important things in at all times, either inside a larger bag or on it's own.  It needs to be big enough to hold two epi-pens and anti-histamines, plus my keys and cell phone, and act as a wallet but still small enough to fit in a larger handbag.  Also, pretty but not ridiculous looking slung over my shoulder on walks around the neighborhood or at the playground.  Bonus, it would be something fancy with convertible straps so I could carry it as a clutch on date night.   And wait for it, I think this bag is the one.  After much searching both in person and online I found the perfect bag for me.  I love the beige color and that happens to be on sale currently.  Score.

2. Leopard Flats
I bought these leopard flats back at the end of November and love them.  I wore my last pair from Urban Outfitters out and this has been a great replacement pair.  They've got more of a loafer shape to them which is really fun with jeans for black pants. And these striped flats are also big time on my radar.  You know how I love a good stripe.

3. T.S.Harris Floating
The colors and the composition are divine.  I love love this piece of art and could see it fitting in perfectly in our family room or sun room with the navy sofas.  Big love on this canvas.

4.  Julia Clutch.  This is completely frivolous but it's oh so lovely.  Mint and snakeskin are such a fab combination.  And it's my name.  Gosh, how good would this be in so many instances come Spring.  Or with winter whites now?

5. Statement necklace
I ordered this necklace back right after Thanksgiving and I think I've worn it at least a dozen times since.  It's as pretty with a plaid button down and sweater as it with a little black dress.  Paired with these earrings.  Done.

6. Spotted ScarfIt is crazy cold and scarves are a daily staple. This one looks so cozy!  I also love the stripe version here.

7.  Warm Slippers
I have officially turned into the little lady who lives in her slippers.  It is just so dang cold already and I have the worst circulation.  Uggs are the only thing that keep my feet warm.

8. Tech GlovesIf you don't have tech gloves yet you are truly missing out.  I got a pair for Christmas and I am obsessed.  No more cold hands!  Love this pretty gray pair with the bows.

9. Clear the Clearance Sale
J.Crew Factory is offering an extra 30% off clearance items with code: SALETIME.  Pretty good time to score these turqouise pants and this navy sweater.  I also love this gorgeous lavender embellished sweater.  So feminine.

10. Bright Lips.  I'm officially a full fledged convert to the bright lip pink lip.  This is one of my favorites.

What's on your radar right now?  Are you taking advantage of all the great clearance sales or trying to hold tight until Spring?

It's so hard to wait especially when so many of these things will transition for the next several months at least!


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January 8, 2015

Love it or Leave it | Matching Pillow Arrangments on Sofas

We have a sofa, loveseat, and a chair in our family room.  Probably pretty similar to what most everyone here has as well.  So my big question to you, do you like your pillows to match exactly?  More specifically do you like for pillows on the sofa and love seat, or sofa and chairs to be in matching pairs or sets or do you prefer a more organic and complimentary flow of fabrics?

Let me give you some examples of family rooms with matching pillow arrangements and you can decide from there.  All of these are pretty.  I searched only through my pinterest folders to find rooms to use for this post.  So all of these are spaces I liked and pinned.  They're all my style.

Yet as I embark on trying to freshen up the pillow choices in my family room I feel like I'm a little bored with this option.  I don't really want to repeat the same patterns on multiple surfaces.

 The last room seems to be on the fence.  They've lots of different pillows all in the same warm white color scheme but featured the same patterned fabric pillow on each sofa.  That's a pretty good compromise too.  But is that enough?  Would more pattern mixing be more fun?

Matching Pillows on multiple surfaces?  Love it or Leave it?

January 7, 2015

Weekly Meal Planning Made Simple Week 21

One of my goals for this month is to get back into cooking for my family.  Moving the table and chairs into the kitchen has made all the difference.  The kids can actually sit down and help me or play games or get creative with their art supplies while I prepare dinner.  We turn up the iPod and jam out! 

I seriously can't believe we waited to long to make that happen.  Especially when the perfect solution was staring at us right in the face.  Well, from the garage at least.  I let the dream of the perfect kitchen island get in the way of making this room feel inviting and functional.  Does that ever happen to you?  If I'm totally honest, I also have to admit that we moved a tv into the kitchen last week and that's making things a whole lot more comfortable in there as well. 

We are so bad about tv in our house.  Yesterday I watched three episodes of Gilmore Girls while I was cooking.  That's my newest binge watch on netflix. I've been watching some pretty heavy stuff and needed some light fluff for awhile.

Vegetable Brown Rice bowl with homemade teriyaki sauce || Broccoli Chicken Mac & Cheese || Chicken and Asparagus Pasta with Chicken || Cherry Tomato Basil Angel Hair Pasta || One Pot Tortellini and Sausage Creamy Tomato Soup

January 6, 2015

California Cool Family Room Design

I know I promised you a detailed construction post and it really is in the works, just not today.  I need Matthew to make sure I get all the technical parts accurate before I send you off to sledgehammer through water lines or electrical outlets.

Mentally, I'm already onto the fun part, I'm ready to start really tackling this space aesthetically.  I'm ready for color!  I'm ready for laid back and sophisticated vibe in a pretty color palette.  I'm not sure exactly where we'll end up but I'm ditching my grays and neutrals in favor of something more fresh!  I still love them but they'll mostly likely find a home upstairs somewhere for now.

I'm also ready to go bold with some fun art choices.  I see a lot of mood boards around here in the immediate future while I work it all out in my head!

Get the look:  side table || Thom Saliot "woman walking" gallery wrapped canvas || sunburst wall mirror || table lamp || pillows from my favorites list on etsy || organic cotton throw


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January 5, 2015

The Pass Through Is Complete | #projectopenfloorplan

Some of y'all may have already seen this on instagram last night but I thought I'd share a quick update for those of y'all that don't do social media.  We finished up the pass through in the family room last week and it's AMAZING!

I promise to have a detailed post coming soon for those of you that are thinking about something similar in your own homes.  Last night I got sucked into Sister Wives and then Downton Abbey and didn't get around to writing the post.  This morning I played lots and lots of memory and currently have four kids running around in the next room so it hasn't gotten done yet either.  Excuses, excuses.  Life, the best excuse of all. 

My best advice, just do it!  I can't even begin to describe how much lighter and brighter this room feels now! And after hosting almost 30 people on Saturday night I can honestly say it functions perfectly as well.

 There are still a few more finishing details that need to be checked off the list.  Like staining the strip of hardware floors where the wall used to be, replacing the flooring in the closet under the stairs where we borrowed the wood planks.  And of course I'll be tweaking the color scheme and accesories non-stop like usual.  But overall, I'm in love!!!

It's here! Lilly Pullitzer After Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer AFTER PARTY SALE starts this morning at exactly 8am!  I can't wait to pick up a few mini items for Wells.  They tend to run small so I always size up.  For reference, she's already in a solid size 6 or 7 mini.  They're my favorite thing to buy for her because 1. They hold up immaculately wash after wash unlike so many other less expensive things.  2.  They hide stains and don't wrinkle.  3.  They are a year round dress if you pair with a long sleeve top and leggings 4. They are at once dressy yet school appropriate.  5.  They are short enough that a girl can actually run and climb and play in them!


Make sure you refresh throughout the day because items go super fast!  I also suggest hitting up a section (like dresses or tops) and then purchasing before going back to another category.  Shipping is FREE so you're not paying extra to do that!  I know I'll be thankful in a few months that I picked up a few things for her now.  The SALE is LIVE in 10 minutes!!!

Also, her adorable pink and tan cowboy boots are from here.  Tagg also has the tan ones here.

January 2, 2015

New Front Door | Painted Six Pane Door

I know I've been talking about it since we bought this house but I finally got my new front door!  I've wanted a six pane storm door since the day we moved in.  I'm not sure about where you live, but in Richmond, everyone has this traditional style door and paints them fun colors.  I know a pink or green or turquoise door might seem out of place in some areas but honestly it blends right in around here. 

Upon months of debate I think we have finally narrowed it down to two colors;  mint and pink.  Literally every single time I think I've made up my mind I switch back to the other.  So much so that I am literally on my way to the paint store this morning and I'm still not positive which color I'm going to get. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Pink or Mint?  I couldn't find a good mint door in this style to mock up for you so you'll have to envision that it will look just as pretty as the pink.  There are so many mint doors in this area so I may have to do some drive by stalking on my way to the store.

 You'll have to check in on instagram late today to see which one we pick!

December 30, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside | Stylish Coats

Okay so in typical Virginia fashion it was in the 60's and 70's last week and now there are snow flurries falling from the sky.  While it does nothing to ward off the cough I can't seem to shake this year, it does fuel my love affair with coats.  There is a perfect and neccessary coat for every occasion and degree in temperature.  I think it's my life's goal to acquire them all.   Usually my husband or I will talk the other out of crazy goals like this but he's worse than I am!

I just started browsing the Nordstrom Sale and I'm loving this longer puffer coat and this super cute drape neck cardigan (it's only $33) to wear with leggings.  And of course I'm obsessed this faux fur coat.  It's under $50 and sure to be lots of fun to dress up any outfit.  I'm eyeballing that one big time.  Like really big time.  I also love this quilted jacket as a less expensive option for my all time favorite Burberry jacket.  Also, the Barbour Squire jacket is on sale but only one small size available.

I'm especially loving all of the cute coats on sale at Nordstrom right now.  They pretty much carry everything and the price point is right. 

Fur Trimmed Quilted Parka || Down and Feather Fur Trim Coat || Hooded Quilted Jacket || Fit & Flare Coat || Cashmere Wrap Coat || Belted Wool Trench Coat || Faux Fur Jacket || Drape Neck Cardigan || Tailored Peplum Jacket

Shop a few of my favorites below


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December 29, 2014

We Busted Through the Wall | #projectopenfloorplan

It seems like we sit around and talk about house projects for months and then bam! start several new ones all at once.  Like on the morning after Christmas when Matthew tore out the wall of built-ins in our family room, moved them to the den, and then busted through the wall to the dining room to create a more open floor plan.  I am so giddy over creating this circular flow our house previously lacked. It's going to make  big impact and really help that long room feel more a part of things.  Plus it will add in some much needed light to both spaces.  I'm so excited about this project!  I think it's my favorite so far in this house.

That's right, this view below of the wall of built-ins in our family room is no more!  Two things of note; I never loved them visually and we needed that kind of storage elsewhere.  The shelves always felt cluttered to me and that counter top was always full of crap.  They were just a big eyesore to me and didn't' really offer any of the right kind of storage we need. 

And here is the final view of the dining room before we cut through.  We taped it off to be sure we liked the size and location from both rooms.  You'll also notice that I moved the dining table to the back end of the space.  I love this space as a dining room but something felt off to me before when we had the table stretched longways.  You'll also notice the two tall bookcase towers were moved in here from the den.  They used to flank the leather sofa.  I'm probably going to want to paint those white and have Matthew trim them out all the way to the ceiling so they look more built-in.  With the hole cut this new arrangement makes more sense.  And it also opens back up some room in front of the fireplace for a little formal sitting area.  Win-win.

In the den a wall of books on a bookshelf makes perfect sense.  In our dining room, a few display shelves would be fun to fill up.  In the family room it just added to the mess.  Our original plan was to try to salvage two of the pieces to use on either side of the window in the new dining room space but we didn't really need that since we moved in the two towers. 

When Matthew started measuring things he noticed that this wall was only two inches wider than the long back wall in the navy den.  Hmmm.  That sure did change the course of things.  We decided to move the built-ins and relocate them to the den.  The tops of the shelves were pretty torn up after ripping them off the wall so he's going to build new ones.  But the bases with the drawers and doors were intact which saves a ton of work.

I'm posting about this in real time and my sweet husband is back to work this morning so the project is on hold for a few days.  We've got the deadline of Tagg's Birthday this weekend so there will be more updates coming very soon!  I'm not sure if he'll have the whole project finished in time but at least it won't be a construction zone.

Oh, and we're going to paint the built-ins navy to help them recede into the wall.  Can you tell I'm really excited?!!

December 24, 2014

December 22, 2014

Family Room Update: Furniture Arrangement

I know I'm supposed to be focused on Christmas still but honestly I'm already onto permanent changes in the family room.  We had to move two cane chairs out of the dining room to accommodate the Christmas tree and it's caused the usual whole-house furniture shuffle.  Does that happen in  your house too?  Then we tested the tv above the fireplace last night (which I love by the way) and I realized things are about to get crazy different from the last time I shared this space and I haven't even showed you my latest progress shot.

So this morning I want to stop and show you where we are right now before we make some major changes in this room over the next few weeks (months?).  We've got some fun projects coming up that will hopefully make a major impact in the flow of our house.  First up, tearing out those built-ins on the far wall and cutting an opening into the dining room.  I know!  Exciting right?!

Our house struggles with light flow and I'm really excited that one project will really positively impact both. We're going to try to salvage two of cabinets to re-use in the dining room so the storage will actually be more practical.  The shelves in here just always feel so cluttered and we're lacking for storage in the dining room.  I would love somewhere to display and store my china and serving pieces and the family room isn't the best place for that.  Problem solved. 

As always, these are just progress shots and not final reveals.  But I love seeing how other people's spaces evolve over time and I need to be consistent with that over here as well.

December 20, 2014

Nativity Play

I'll be honest, when we picked our preschool we went for location and off the great recommendation of our neighbors.  As long as they loved my children and were sweet to them I considered it money well spent.  I'm not looking for major educational milestones at this age to be achieved in a few mornings a week.  Of course I've been nothing short of amazed by the sweetness of everyone in that building and the love of learning and expanding imaginations that I've seen them instill in my babies.

The pre-k class turned their "home life" center into Bethlemhem for the month of December.  The dress-up corner added in costumes for Mary and Joseph, and shephards and wiseman, three kings, and even a star.  They build an actual fort to resemble the stable and of course all of the babies became The Baby Jesus.

She had mentioned it to me several times and chatted about who would play whom at centers.  The other day she asked if we could make our very own Bethlehem in the family room.  It was so sweet and absolutely no different than the many forts we build weekly but she was amazed. 

They played the nativity like this all morning!  Which by preschool standards is huge!

Anyway, I know this isn't the most original idea ever or the most complex.  But it was so precious and so nice to see them focusing on something besides Santa and presents for a change. 

December 19, 2014

Gifts For Her With Free Shipping For Christmas Eve

Okay, so I'm on a roll figuring out who is still offering FREE SHIPPING in time for Christmas Eve!  I've got my favorite Sole Society picks for y'all!  Many of these are so inexpensive and perfect gift ideas.  With Christmas Eve delivery they're perfect for a last minute outfit idea for yourself too!

Striped Scarf || Wool hat || Red bow tie shoes || leopard flats || Diamond Bib Necklace || Diamond Cluster earrings || plaid infinity scarf || black suede d'orsay pumps || striped weekend bag || diamond necklace


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Last Minute Gifts for Men | Under $50

And now for the men.  I've kept the round-up under $50 as well!  Guys are so much harder to shop for but I guarantee any of the guys in your life will appreciate these finds!  Although I have to say the portable phone charger is probably something everyone in your life needs.  I borrowed my moms a ton while we were in Nashville and it was such a necessity when you're always on the go.

Smart Care No-Wrinkle Traditional fit Shirts (and trim fit) || Minnetonka slippers || cedar shoe tree || wool scarf || windowpane wool scarf || texting gloves || gingham pocket square || striped tie || multi use tool || silk stripe bow tie || portable iPhone charger || skincare set


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Last Minute Gifts Under $50

 If you're anything like me you've had 99% of your Christmas shopping finished for weeks but you still have those one or two people on your list with nothing checked off yet.  I've rounded up my favorites today that are all free shipping and guaranteed Christmas Eve arrival to help you out!


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Christmas Dining Room + Glitter Pinecones in Glass Jars

My mom and I started collecting glass apothecary jars for the candy bar at my wedding.  I used to keep them out all the time in various rooms filled with seasonal decor but lately I feel like it's just one more thing to dust.  They now permanently live in my attic but I thought it would be fun to bring some out to decorate with for Christmas. 

My mother in law gave me a set of little glitter pine cone candles so I used those as my base but honestly anything would work.  I thought about adding in real pine cones dusted in glitter.  Wells would be all over that project.  Maybe I'll have my act together for next year.  I just added some beaded garland and voila!  Pretty little winter scene!

Here is our dining room getting all dressed up for Christmas!  This room is so incredibly dark.  It doesn't really get any natural light and there are no overhead lightsso ordinarily we just have a few lamps on when we eat.  The added warm glow of the Christmas tree is truly magical!

I'm also loving this little corner in our kitchen.  I used a plaid wool scarf to hang the wreath directly over the chalkboard.  I have seen that before and just loved it.  One of the only times of the year I don't want to paint over the green frame!   I've been playing around with writing words inside the wreath like joy or noel or peace but I think I like it plain the best.  The chalkboard sign was a homegoods find from a few weeks ago. 

I'm really having fun adding in small touches of Christmas and watching our house evolve.  It probably won't really be fully decorated until Christmas Eve and then it will be practically time to take it all back down.  I also need to find a system for all the Christmas themed art projects that have come home from school.  So many large sized precious pictures of Christmas trees, wreaths, and angels with lots of tiny hands and fingers.  I'd like to find a way to incorporate them into our decor every year.  Maybe take a picture of them and turn them into ornaments?